Law & Investments

Experienced cadres support European and Turkish companies in their investment projects. As your contact person, we offer you practical information from the first hand. At the same time, we help you with your first steps.

The right information is an important and necessary step in bringing your company to success. You can always reach our support in your first step in the formation of your relations, in the formation of your relations and in the right way, in the growth of your company and sometimes in the way that your business is not going as planned.

We are your company for the success of your company in the Euro-Turkish economy!

Import and Export Procedure Survey

The European Overseas Chambers of Commerce in various parts of the world provide comprehensive services for the firm.

Our services include:

  • General information transfer
  • Reply to specific questions from companies
  • Detailed research in the field of imports
  • Notification of domestic and foreign authorities
  • Listing of customs brokers